Children’s Kitesurf Course

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Children’s Kitesurf Course

The specific characteristics of the Stagnone Lagoon make this spot ideal for learning kitesurfing even for the youngest.

The shallow water, the absence of strong currents, the flat water, the presence of winds with different intensities throughout the day, allow you to take a kitesurf course in total safety even with the little ones.

To raise and guarantee even more the level of safety there will be: the constant presence of a qualified instructor ready to intervene at any time, the use of the helmet for the student as protection from any accidental falls or collisions and the aid of walkie-talkies that will allow the child to maintain direct communication with his instructor and to receive instructions even at a distance, when for example he will move away on the board for the first edges.

The basic kitesurf course for children includes the same educational program and the same steps as the basic kitesurf course for adults.


This course will guide you to discover and learn all the safety techniques necessary for kitesurfing. You will practice with equipment suitable for your level.


  • Theory of flying a kite
  • Preparing the equipment
  • Safety rules and regulations
  • Bar control and first flight of the kite with short lines

Emergency simulations in the water and self-rescue practices


  • Kite control with long lines
  • Kite control with one hand while moving
  • Relaunch the kite from the water
  • Launching and landing techniques of the kite with an assistant
  • Directional Body drag in the water
  • Body drag upwind to recuperate the surf board


  • Techniques to stand on the board and controlling the body
  • First waterstarts with a depowered kite
  • Rules of ROW (Right of way)
  • Waterstarts
  • Navigation and control of board

The lessons will be conducted with complete CORE and BRUNOTTI equipment and include the presence of a qualified instructor who will follow you in all the various stages using a walkie-talkie for better communication.

For minors under 18, the application form for the registration to the association must be completed and signed by a parent.


Children’s Kitesurf Course

Features and prices

  • Materials, Registration, insurance, final patent IKO
  • Accomodation
  • 6 hours in total
  • 350 Euros

I had the opportunity to spend three wonderful days (unfortunately only 3) with the guys from the Stagnone Kite Corner and to take the first steps in this fantastic sport. Lo stagnone is a beautiful place and the staff, available and competent, immediately transmit their passion. No doubt I'll be back to visit them very soon to kite with them!

Italy Giulia V.


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