Shared Beginner  Kitesurf Course

6 Hours / 220 per person ( 2 people 440 Euro)
  /  Shared Beginner  Kitesurf Course

Shared Beginner  Kitesurf Course

In our experience, it often happens that an engaged couple or friends approach the kitesurfing course as an experience to live together, a new adventure that solidifies a bond even more or that enriches a holiday with fun memories.
Precisely for this reason we have decided to structure a basic kitesurfing course that responds and satisfies the requests of those who want to learn this sport in a shared and not individual way.

The didactic path is the same as our basic kitesurf course, only the number of students changes.

We have decided to limit the number of participants to two, to ensure the quality of the course.

There will therefore be one instructor for every two students.

The theoretical part will be carried out simultaneously with both participants, the practical part, however, foresees their alternation during the carrying out of the exercises.

Taking a shared basic kitesurfing course means living a unique experience with the person you have chosen to have next to you for this adventure, while also saving something.


The lessons are held using complete CORE and BRUNOTTI equipment and include the presence of a qualified instructor who will constantly follow you in the various stages of learning with the help of walkie-talkies for better communication.

For children under 18, the form with the request to join the kitesurfing association must be completed and signed by the parent.

Stagnone Lagoon, Sicily, Italy

Shared Beginner  Kitesurf Course

Features and prices

  • Materials, Registration, insurance
  • Accommodation, final patent IKO
  • 6 hours
  • 220 Euros for a person (2 persons 440 Euros)

I had the opportunity to spend three wonderful days (unfortunately only 3) with the guys from the Stagnone Kite Corner and to take the first steps in this fantastic sport. Lo stagnone is a beautiful place and the staff, available and competent, immediately transmit their passion. No doubt I'll be back to visit them very soon to kite with them!

Italy Giulia V.


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