March 18 – Stagnone Kite Corner begins the 2022 season

Copia di Stagione 2022

March 18 – Stagnone Kite Corner begins the 2022 season

Let’s kick off the 2022 Season – From 18 March we start with the courses, the kitesurfing lessons and all our activities

Everything is ready for a new and exciting season at Stagnone Kite Corner.

March 18 is the date chosen for the end of the count down when you will find us to welcome you at the most beautiful and special corner of the Sicilian lagoon.

And starting from this day, all the activities of our school will resume at full capacity: basic courses and kite baptisms, both in individual and shared modes, assisted navigation, lessons for all levels, equipment rental or simply the use of our spot and all its comforts, as well as much other news that we will reveal to you from time to time.

All are always seasoned with what most distinguishes us: a friendly, welcoming, and professional environment where you can share the great passion that unites us all: kitesurfing.

Kitesurfing is a lifestyle

Stagnone Kite Corner stagione 2022

Yes, because kitesurfing is not just a sport, but a way of life.

Yes, because kitesurfing is not just a sport, but a lifestyle.

And we are sure that, if you have not already done so, you will be able to notice it by experiencing the rhythms of the lagoon and its small and characteristic village.

Here everything depends on the kiters and their needs.

And Stagnone Kite Corner it’s a big family that will allow you to experience the kite beyond the purely technical aspect, but also from a human point of view.

Kitesurf but not only

Kitesurf Stagnone in compagnia

Aperitifs, dinners, excursions, are just a small part of what will make you feel part of this great community, whatever your language or country of origin.

But in addition to a close-knit group, you will find a lot of professionalism.

You can count on qualified and experienced instructors who will accompany you in this adventure with competence and joy, seriousness, and passion.

The characteristics of the Stagnone Lagoon

Stagnone Kite Camp corsi e lezioni

The Stagnone lagoon will do the rest to impress an unforgettable memory in your memory.

Its flat water, its shallow waters, the wind that blows almost every day, its breathtaking landscapes as well as its spectacular sunsets, will make your kite experience unique.

The spot is particularly suitable for beginners, big air and freestyle kitesurfing.

We are ready, we are waiting for you starting from March the 18th in our corner of paradise.


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