Stagnone: an ordinary kitesurfing day with Us

Ordinary kitesurfing day Stagnone

Stagnone: an ordinary kitesurfing day with Us

How the days pass in the Stagnone lagoon – Kitesurfing, food, nights and local attractions

When the alarm goes off in the Stagnone surf house it means only one thing: another splendid and exciting day of kiting has just begun!

The time for a first coffee to awaken the senses and then straight to “Saro” or to the “Oasis” to fill up on energy, with sweet and savory delicacies, to face the day with the right amount of calories.

Our spot in the Stagnone lagoon

Now that the soul it’s ready and the belly as well, all that we need to do is head to the Stagnone Kite Corner spot, because that’s the place where you get to the heart of the action.

And if you still need a few minutes to digest your second breakfast, the relaxation area is at your complete disposal.

But since we don’t like to waste time, this is also the time to plan the day’s training and the goals of the water session.

It is time for your questions, to clarify your doubts, or to check the equipment with us, waiting for the north wind to start blowing.

And when Aeolus envelops the lagoon with his breath, the playground is officially open.

Stagnone Perfect kitesurfing spot

In a few minutes it will be filled with bright colors, with colored sails in the air, but don’t worry … the Stagnone is so big that there is room for everyone! Beginners, more advanced riders, here in the calm waters of the lagoon coexist together, in full respect of kitesurfing and sport, in a cheerful and friendly atmosphere.

So let the show begin!

Stagnone Kitesurfing the spot

The shallow and the super flat waters will be your playground and trust me, you will never have enough.

You will enjoy the day super-fast.

Luckily, however, the most beautiful sunset in Italy will draw your attention and awaken you from the trance you have been in for hours, caused by training in perfect conditions.

The sunsets in front of the Egadi Islands

When you realize you are kiting in a lagoon that is fiery with red, orange, yellow, you will understand that the day is almost at the end, but it is not over yet.

Stagnone sunset in front of the Egadi islands

Fatigue begins to make itself felt and also the desire to enjoy the greeting of the sun in together with other kiters in front of a cool drink to talk about the adventures of the day.

An aperitif, a quick shower to remove the salt and give some relief to the skin and muscles, before giving the right supply to the body that will have burned a lot of energy during the day.

For dinner, you will be spoiled for choice, meat, fish, arancini and other local delicacies are waiting for you to fill your belly.

And if you still manage to stand up, there are many opportunities to live the night too.

We greet you here, tomorrow another great day of kiting and work awaits us so we go there to enjoy some well-deserved rest before it wakes up again for a new exciting adventure.

Kitesurfing Day Stagnone Kite Corner

How the days pass in the Stagnone lagoon – Kitesurfing, food, nights and local attractions

Stagnone Kite Corner – Stay with us!


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