Stagnone kite Corner is back!

Scopri il kitesurf con noi

Stagnone kite Corner is back!

You missed but now here we are with a “stagnone Kite Corner” all renewed and improved for you!

2020 was undoubtedly a special year for everyone, but despite the forced stop of our activities in the field, behind the scenes we have not stopped working for you for a single second.

And here we are, ready to leave for a new and exciting season full of news.

These long months were used to redo our look, to understand what to change and what to improve on this little corner of Stagnone.

We have made new partnerships, new collaborations, written new projects, created a new logo and this fantastic new site.

All this was done in our image and likeness: competent and professional, but at the same fun and passionate, the ingredients that we consider indispensable in a kitesurfing school.

Pagina principale corsi di kitesurf Laguna Stagnone

The first big news concerns the logo

We know that many of you will be thinking that a wave is not so original, others will probably wonder how a wave can represent or have something to do with the largest lagoon in Italy, known all over the world for its flat water.

We will explain it to you immediately!

The wave represents the continuous movement of the sea, something in continuous evolution, which can change, change shape or height depending on the conditions but which, unstoppable, never ceases to exist. It can stop for some time, but at the right moment it recreates and comes back, always. Just like we did.

It represents resilience, the ability to overcome moments of difficulty and change, which is one of the characteristics that a kiter must have if he wants to grow in this sport.

And it represents our dream: we want to be the only great wave of change in the immense flat-water mirror of this lagoon.

And to carry on this desire we needed a new communication tool, powerful, fast, intuitive and more, also beautiful to look at, interesting to read and interactive.

So, this new site was born, with detailed and transparent information on kitesurfing courses, on all our activities and enriched by photos, videos, news.

You will also have the opportunity to chat directly with us in real time, to ask questions, clarify any doubts or book one of our services.

But it doesn’t end here

Over the years, we have listened to, accepted and treasured your requests.

We have therefore decided to expand our offer in order to satisfy everyone.

Take a look at the Courses section to find out all the news.

Offering new services is not enough, it is important that they are carried out by competent and professional staff.

We are convinced that a poorly or poorly performed service is actually a disservice.

Our kitesurf instructors

Battesimo del kite Stagnone 1

Precisely for this reason we have also renewed the staff, looking for only the best instructors, all qualified FIV or IKO.

But since we believe that training alone, if devoid of passion and communication skills, is not enough to make an instructor a good instructor, we have chosen teachers who know how to modulate their teaching style based on the characteristics of the student, to help him overcome personal fears and limitations and speed up the learning process of kitesurfing.

Professionals who know how to convey their passion for kitesurfing to those who are entering this world for the first time, probably even with some fear.

Because kitesurfing is above all sharing of moments and spaces: of the sea, the wind, expectations, successes and defeats.

Stagnone Kite Corner wants to be above all this: a place where anyone who arrives can find a community to welcome him, an enthusiastic group with whom to immediately share not only the moments in the water, but all that this small Sicilian paradise has to offer just like in a big family.

Excursions, aperitifs at sunset, dinners, good music, long chats and many hours of kiting.

The most beautiful corner of the Stagnone is ready to start again, are you ready to be overwhelmed by the wave of change of Stagnone Kite Corner?

We are waiting for you; we will be operational from March 2021.


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