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Stagnone is a lagoon located at the western end of Sicily, between the cities of Trapani and Marsala.
This spot is popular throughout Europe as one of the main destinations for all kitesurf lovers.
Kitesurfing at the Stagnone is always practicable because the lagoon enjoys over 300 days of wind a year.
In summer, it mainly exploits a north wind that increases in intensity every afternoon thanks to the thermal wind.
Throughout the rest of the year, winds from Maestrale, Scirocco and Ponente alternate.
The reserve of the Stagnone, extends for over 20 square kilometers and is connected to the sea through the mouth of San Teodoro to the north and Contrada Spagnola to the south. There are some islands scattered in the lagoons which, based on the wind direction and thanks to the Venturi effect, channel the air and increase the intensity of the wind.

La laguna dello Stagnone spot kite
Spot Stagnone Kite Corner

Spot Features

Located at the western end of Sicily, the Stagnone did not take long to become well-known across Europe as one of the main kite spots, thanks to its position that allows it to take advantage of all winds all year round.

TYPE OF SPOT: shallow water lagoon without currents or waves

LEVEL: from beginners to pro riders. Recommended for those who want to get closer to the sport following a course

PRATICABLE KITESURFING STYLES: freeride, freestyle, wakestyle, big air

*note1 : You cannot practise waveriding due to the absence of waves (which you will find in an adjacent spot overlooking the sea)

*note 2: Foil is possible only in certain points and with short fin because of the shallow waters

DANGERS: Safe in most areas of the lagoon, beware though of some stones marked with buoys and water that is very shallow near the shore.

SEABED: sandy, muddy in certain signaled spots

REGULATIONS: all riders must stay at a distance of 200 meters from the shore following orders by the Marsala port authority

WEATHER: mostly sunny with precipitations mainly during the winter and autumn months (November-February)

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