Why choose Stagnone to learn kitesurf

Stagnone Kitesurf Scuola Sicilia

Why choose Stagnone to learn kitesurf

There are many good reasons to start kitesurfing in the Stagnone lagoon

There are so many excellent reasons to choose to start a kitesurfing course in Stagnone that writing them all would risk boring you.

We will therefore limit ourselves to introducing you to the main ones, the ones that make this place unique for learning this sport and that makes it one of the best spots in Europe for kitesurfing.

Let’s start with the specific characteristics that this place has about the two elements necessary to play this sport: the sea and the wind.

The sea

Acqua piatta Stagnone Kitesurf

The sea: the Stagnone looks like an immense lagoon, with shallow waters and flat water, which flows into the open sea.

It is enough to pass one of its four islands to find yourself in the open sea.

The islands almost completely block the current, which gives the spot a good navigability all year round and above all guarantees a flat even with high-intensity winds.

No annoying waves or chop.

Its water is in effect saltwater, very salty, which is why it is used to extract this savory ingredient in the nearby pink salt pans near San Teodoro or the equally suggestive ones in Mozia.

But the Stagnone is also a Nature Reserve, so in addition to being surrounded by white salt pyramids, you will also be captured by the greenery that covers its islands.

The shallow waters are a panacea not only for beginners.

You touch practically the entire lagoon, which speeds up learning a lot.

No long body drag in search of the lost board and, the absence of strong currents will always make you find it in your vicinity, just a few steps will be enough to put it back on your feet and start again.

Furthermore, the shallow water makes it the ideal place even for the little ones to learn in total safety, but also for those who are afraid of finding themselves in the open sea in the learning phase, when they still cannot fully manage the equipment.

The Wind

Vento a Stagnone

What can I say, the wind is the other great protagonist of this spot.

It shows an average of 300 days a year.

Moreover, thanks to the characteristic configuration of the lagoon, it is possible to go out with practically all winds, but it is above all with the NW that the Stagnone gives its best.

This direction combined with high pressure, with a predominance in the summer, therefore, generates thermal winds that can save even those days that the forecasts give as lost.

But here even the siroccate are certainly not talked about behind!

More present in the winter season, the sirocco when it enters is of strong intensity and can easily reach 40 knots.

The climate

Il clima nella laguna dello Stagnone

Here is another great reason to start a kitesurf course right here.

Forget the weather forecast for the rest of the peninsula, this corner of Sicily enjoys its microclimate.

Here the warm season begins much earlier and extends to the limit of winter.

Talking about summer in Stagnone means talking about the period between May and October, but in particular vintages, you can get here until November-December and still wear the costume.

The water in the milder season is extremely hot, so forget about the layers of neoprene on your skin.

A lycra t-shirt will be enough to protect the body from the intense rays of the sun and avoid annoying burns.

Yes, because the proximity to the African continent raises the temperature by a few degrees compared to the rest of Italy.

The sun in the summer leaves late, often when the wind still blows.

It will therefore be possible to enjoy wonderful sessions, almost alone, in a lagoon that is tinged with the colors of the sunset.

Nature and culture

La natura dello Stagnone

One of the rare windless days here will certainly not be a lost day.

There are so many things to see and do.

Especially in the summer, precisely because the days are so long, it will be possible to combine the kite day with a few trips or visits to the many naturalistic and cultural attractions in the surroundings, or simply relax with an aperitif in front of one of the most photographed sunsets in Italy.

It will therefore be easy to organize a holiday with friends or relatives not interested in the sporting aspect and combine the hours necessary for learning kitesurfing with other kinds of experiences, to make everyone happy.

Kite all together

Learning to kite with a friend, a boyfriend, a child, is certainly one more incentive to make a holiday in the Stagnone Lagoon unforgettable.

Precisely for this reason, we at Stagnone KiteCorner have tried to satisfy your every need.

You can choose one of our many formulas: from the basic individual kitesurfing course to the shared kitesurfing course to live with a loved one, or even the baptism of the kite, to let those who accompany you enjoy what kitesurfing is.

With adequate wind conditions, a few days will be enough to learn how to kite surf.


It is also a very easy spot to reach, which makes it even more attractive.

You can choose to fly directly to Birgi or choose one of the flights serving Palermo airport.

Or make yourself comfortable and reach the port of Palermo by sea, with a comfortable night crossing by ship.

to conclude

A stop in Stagnone can therefore be a pleasant interlude within a trip to Sicily or a prolonged pitstop dedicated to learning kitesurfing in the best conditions in which it is possible to do so.

And if, as almost always happens, once the basic course is finished, you will thrill with the desire to enter the water and progress, you can rent our equipment, or take advantage of single lessons.


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